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A Beautiful Collection Of Handmade Rosaries!

We have some beautiful new additions to our handmade rosary collection, Emma Jane has been creating some wonderful new designs over the past few months for our customers at Simple Blessings.
We have been unable to cope with the demand, our first batch of handmade rosaries had been completely SOLD OUT within the first week of having them online! It was a joy to behold. Everyone was so kind sending us their comments and customer reviews, we’ve received some lovely emails detailing how happy the new owners have been upon receiving their handmade rosaries. They make a treasured gift and many people have decided to buy two at a time – one to give and another to keep for themselves! This made us realize just how special you thought these rosaries have been, and we thank you for all your kind comments.
We hope to bring you many more designs for you and your family, Emma Jane has been humbled by all your beautiful thoughts and words when describing the rosaries. She has decided to make all her new rosary collection with semi-precious stones as they offer healing properties for the soul as well as the heart. The positive feedback we have received about the new beads being used has been a joy to read.
As each rosary is unique and individually made by hand, it makes the

item even more special. Emma Jane hopes they bring much love and light into your life.
Keep checking the site often for new and updated handmade rosaries, the collection will continue to grow throughout the year. If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.
Wishing you all a truly blessed day, with much love and light,
The Simple Blessings Team