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Grave Candles and Lanterns – Bereavement

It’s always difficult to talk about losing someone, death can be a sudden or a slow process – either way, it’s very hard for the person left behind. How do you bring comfort to the bereaved? It’s hard. It’s not only devastating for the family left behind, but also for friends and family of the bereaved.

snowdropAt Simple Blessings we try to help in any way we can. If someone has recently lost a loved one or is having difficulty in their everyday lives due to feeling alone because of a bereavement, we offer a few sympathy gifts that let the sufferer know you care. A small beacon of light in an otherwise difficult day. We do not want to ‘push products’ on to you during such a difficult time, but we feel that a small token, a little gift at the most harrowing time in your life can be a lovely reassuring moment from a friend or family member. Let someone know you are with them, that they’re in your thoughts and prayers. They’re not alone. A small gift or sympathy card can mean a lot when someone is in mourning.

Here is our bereavement page and selection of sympathy cards, we do hope you can find some small token to bring some comfort to your dear beloved’s heart. http://simpleblessings.co.uk/sympathy_bereavement/index.html

May all your prayers and thoughts be filled with God’s everlasting love, light and wonder. Until next time, have a wonderful week – with much love from Simple Blessings