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One Decade Rosary Keyrings

rosary key ringSometimes having a full 5 decade rosary in your pocket can seem a little heavy and bulky can’t it? Have you ever tried our pocket one decade rosary keyrings? They are so cute and practical! You can attach them to your handbag, briefcase, shoulder bag or car keys for instant access to your rosary. Makes a lovely addition to your collection of rosaries and can be a great comfort when you need to recite a few prayers but want to count them on something other than your hands. Our full range can be found here: http://simpleblessings.co.uk/rosary_keyrings/index.html

We hope you find something you like! May all your prayers and thoughts be filled with God’s everlasting love, light and wonder. Until next time, have a wonderful week – with much love from Simple Blessings