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Saint statues – Saints

We love our Saints at Simple Blessings! Saint Francis of Assisi – Saint Joseph – Saint Michael – Saint Jude – Our Lady of Lourdes – Divine Mercy – Saint Anthony, we could go on and on…. but we won’t! Needless to say, if we find something with a beloved Saint on it, we tend to buy it for our customers. We adore the comfort Saints can bring to us, and we know how much strength and love they bring to you too.

Saints can heal the heart and soul. Prayers to a Saint can bring about miracles. How often do your prayers become answered when you ask Saint Joseph for help, or Saint Michael for protection? Saint Jude – the saint for hopeless causes – has been used quite often in our household! Lost something? Pray to Saint Anthony. How comforting and beautiful are the Saints? They are real people, living the gospel through life. They’re an inspiration and lifeline to us all.

saint anthonySo, as we have already said – the Saints mean a lot to us here at Simple Blessings. We have many, many items with Saint images and prayers on them. Here are a few of our product pages where you will find many Saint items:










If there’s something you cannot find and would like to buy from our store – please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll try our hardest to source it for you!

May all your prayers and thoughts be filled with His ever loving light and wonder. Until next time, have a wonderful week – with much love from Simple Blessings