Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers

Christmas BookWe thought we’d compile a little list of the most popular and unique Christmas stocking filler gifts and decorations for you this year! Have you found some cute little stocking fillers for your beautiful family and friends? How about The Story of Christmas paperback book.  It’s a lovely idea to introduce someone to the origins of the Christmas Nativity Crib and how it all began with Saint Francis of Assisi, a collection of Christmas Carols to sing throughout the day and a few readings from the Gospel.

8904lgThe Christmas Glitter Pocket Token is also another favourite this year, along with the other glitter tokens – Daughter and Son, Guardian Angel and Footprints. They make a lovely stocking filler and are a constant reminder to the recipient that their loved one cares for them very much. The Miniature Nativity Set is also very popular….. because it’s just so cute! A pocket Nativity with it’s own Christmas Tree case – and a hanger too, so it can be placed on the Christmas Tree! An absolute joy to give and receive!

Our Christmas gifts and stocking fillers can all be found on this web page:

If there’s anything you would like to ask or need advice on anything at our web site, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help! Until next time, may all your prayers and thoughts be filled with God’s everlasting love, light and wonder. Have a wonderful week – with much love from Simple Blessings


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